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Current Obsession: TonyMoly

Hey everyone!

Really, I don’t consider myself to be particularly fussy when it comes to beauty products. All I require is that it’s cute, smells/tastes good and is relatively cheap. Usually when I buy something it covers at least one of the three criteria, but when I find something that checks ALL the boxes? Well, that’s when I start to dance like Leslie Knope.

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Everything I Bought at Supanova


Wow. Just wow.

I am actually still in shock.

It really is a testament to how amazing  Nathan Fillion’s fans are when after I write one post about him my blog traffic reaches an all-time high!

I would just like to take a moment to say a massive thank you to everybody who shared, retweeted and liked my post! It’s truly insane to think that so many people have read what I had to say and seen all of my spelling errors! 😛 You are all amazing and completely made my week! I don’t think I can thank you enough XD

Alrighty, on to today’s blog post!

Now, second to the amazing panels of course, one of my favourite things about conventions is the amazing merchandise! Conventions really are the best place to get some of the most amazing, one-of-a-kind geeky goodies. I actually got so amped up about what I bought at Oz Comic Con earlier this year that I ended up writing my first proper blog post about it! So, keeping in line with my tradition of spending disproportionate amounts of money and writing about it, I have decided to share with you guys everything that I bought at Supanova!

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I Overspent Again! (Here’s What I Have To Show For It)

Hello hello hellooo….

How’s everyone going?
Now, you all probably know that I love online shopping. However, sometimes it is safe to say that there are certain periods in my life where I will go completely overboard.  And this isn’t just a little bit overboard; this is so far overboard that you can’t even see the ship anymore and you’re forced to dog-paddle to the nearest island. This is so far overboard that the captain has to turn around the ship, put on all of the beacons and scan every square inch of ocean to find you. This is so far overboard that the passengers from the ship have become so worried that they have started up an impromptu search party and are going out in lifeboats, scouring the ocean in the hopes that they will find you.

So basically, I have a little bit of a problem! (And no, that problem isn’t stretching metaphors to their breaking point; that’s a different problem entirely!)

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Everything I Bought at Lush

I absolutely adore Lush. Every time I go into their store, I always feel a strong sense of comfort and happiness. This is probably in no small part due to all of the amazing, delicious smells! Sometimes I want to stay in there for hours, just smelling soaps, testing moisturisers and admiring all of the beautifully wrapped gift boxes. However, this would probably annoy both the customers and staff alike! When I stopped by last week I ended up spending about half an hour deciding what goodies I was going to splurge on, and ended up leaving the store very pleased with my takings. So pleased, as a matter of fact, that I just had to share what I found with you! So without further ado, please enjoy this list of all of the lovely treasures that I found at Lush 🙂

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Everything I bought at Oz Comic Con

I am writing this in a state of sheer exhaustion after a long day at Oz Comic Con. This was the second time that I’ve been to the weekend-long pop culture convention, and I had an absolute blast! However, despite the amazing guests and brilliant cosplays, one of my favourite things about Comic Con is the fact that it allows you to buy a tonne of awesome stuff without having to create an excuse! I almost got lost amongst all of the stalls of awesome, nerdy goodies. At the end of the day my arms were practically overflowing with shopping bags! So I decided that I’d share my amazing loot from Comic Con with you. Without further ado, here’s my stash! (also, I apologise in advance for not having any photos of my takings; I’m an absolutely shocking photographer, so I decided that I’d save myself the embarrassment!)

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