Make Your Own Magic

OK, time for a motivational blog post!

Something that I’ve seen time and time again in movies, TV shows and just stories in general is the tale of a girl who stumbles across everything that she wants (or needs) in life. Cinderella’s fairy godmother magically appeared out of nowhere in her time of need so that she could go to the ball, Tori just lucked into an audition for a prestigious arts school in the extremely popular Nickelodeon show ‘Victorious’ and Mia Thermopolis ended up getting the break she needed when her grandmother showed up one day with the news that she was a princess. ‘Good things come to those who wait’ seemed to be a recurring theme when I was growing up, and it didn’t take me long to start fully believing it. When I was younger, I used to not want to put myself out there because I thought that if people wanted to talk to me, they would. I didn’t want to embrace my talents or fully go after my passions because I was scared people would see me as being full of myself or showing off. I didn’t pursue the boys that I liked because I thought that they would eventually come to me. I had surrounded myself with so many fairytales that I began to believe in them, and the result was not good! At that time in my life, I allowed things to happen to me rather than going out and making things happen. I was passive, and as a result I allowed other people to decide on my happiness. It wasn’t about what I wanted, but rather whether or not other people wanted me, and that was an incredibly bad way of thinking!

It’s only now that I’ve realised that this isn’t the way I, or anyone else for that matter, should be living. I have found that, by not pursuing the things that I want I’m basically not being an active participant in my own life! The people who luck into what they want are few and far between. What I’ve found is that the real winners in life are the people who go out and work for it. We need to stop waiting for our ‘fairy godmothers’ to appear and make our own magic instead! So, I’d like to leave you with this message: if you want something, go for it with all of your heart. If you want to talk with that group of people, walk over and strike up a conversation. If you want to be a successful singer, start performing for anyone who’ll listen. If you like that boy, give him a call and ask HIM out. You don’t get much out of life if you’re sitting on the sidelines. So, I encourage you to take control and be defined by the choices that you make rather than those of others. Fairytales can happen, but only if you make them.

I hope you’re all having an amazing day!

Lots of Love

-Daisy 🙂

P.S. Sorry about posting this late! I’ve been super busy at the moment, but I’m trying my best to stay to the schedule! Hopefully Friday’s post will be up on time 😛


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