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Pretty in Pastel


Hey everyone!

Gosh, it feels like I’ve been gone forever! After re-emerging from my mostly internet-free holiday I could barely recognise the online world; Ariana Grande is now a notorious America-hater and donut-licker, everyone knows what Justin Bieber’s butt looks like, McDonalds has released minion figurines that swear at you depending on what you’re listening for and a freaking shoe with a pair of nail polishes is coming pretty darn close to breaking the internet! The internet is a crazy place, and it’s good to be back; I’ve missed you guys so much.

Anyways, moving right along!

If there’s one thing that has also changed over my one-week break, it’s my hair. Yes, it brings me great excitement to tell you at this very moment I am the proud owner of some pastel-streaked locks! So how did I do it? Through a process of trial and error! However, since I have personally experienced all of these trials and errors, I can impart my newly-found wisdom onto you so you don’t have any hair-dye disasters.

The biggest tip I can give you is this: MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR IS LIGHT!!

I don’t think that I can really stress this enough. If your blonde is even slightly on the dirty side, this will 100% not work. Trust me, I know this firsthand. On my first attempt at trying to get pastel locks I hadn’t pre-lightened my gold-blonde hair, meaning that what were supposed to be pastel pink and turquoise streaks ended up coming out as a strange red and murky blue that didn’t show up under anything that wasn’t the super-intense heater lamp in my bathroom. Major bummer. However, thankfully I only used a super weak dye so I didn’t have the disappointing streaks for too long! Long story short, if you want to get this look you’re going to have to make friends with a little something called peroxide. I ended up using the L’Oreal Sunkiss Jelly, which is a leave-in gradual lightener, and it worked like a dream! After one application my hair looked like it had been given a nice lift; all of the brown tones had been taken out, leaving my hair looking light, bright and pastel-ready!

The second most important tip I have is don’t (and I repeat DON’T) wash your hair under warm water. Trust me, if you do this all of the colour will magically disappear from your hair quicker than you can say ‘Rainbow Brite’. I ended up doing this a day after my second attempt with my newly-lightened hair, and let’s just say I was rushing for a LOT of touch-ups afterwards. After reading up about it online I learned that there’s a super-legit scientific explanation for this that has something to do with hair cuticles opening up in the warmth, but the bottom line is that you should only wash your hair in lukewarm to cold water. Also, if you want the colour to stay in as long as possible, you shouldn’t wash your hair for a week after you put in the colour. Just saying, you should probably stock up on the dry shampoo now!

As for which hair dyes I used, I decided upon the Brite Organix Pastel Pink and Purple, and they were absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend them to anybody thinking of getting on board the pastel train! They only need to stay in for 10 minutes (but I left in mine for 45 because I’m a rebel :P), and they’re 100% cruelty free, which is a massive bonus.

But yeah, that’s it for today’s post! Have you ever dyed your hair an awesome colour? Ever gone pastel? Tell me how you did it in the comments!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day

Lots of love

-Daisy 🙂

P.S. I thought I might end this post with a little bit of my hair inspiration! Ahh pastels are just too pretty.


26 thoughts on “Pretty in Pastel

    • That picture’s my favourite too! I am just such a massive fan of split-dyed hair. I would have dyed my hair like that, but unfortunately my work would not approve of a full head of candy-coloured hair! Oh well hahaha 😛 And also, I really think that you could pull off the pastel look with no problems at all! Even if it’s just with hair chalk, I think it would look 100% awesome; plus it’s super fun knowing your hair basically looks like a unicorn’s mane! 😛 Thanks for the comment 🙂
      P.S. I don’t think your hair’s dull at all 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I can imagine that most workplaces wouldn’t allow it! I think it would annoy me having super colourful hair because all the clothes I own would have to ‘go’ with it… but that’s just my OCD talking. Thanks – you’re so nice! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hahaha! That is actually a very good point. I guess the only people who would be immune to that are the ones that go all-out and dye their hair all of the colours of the rainbow, but I haven’t seen a person with hair like that outside of Pinterest and Tumblr! 😛 and no worries, thank you for the compliment! XD

          Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man, I wish that was my hair! Hahaha But yeah, at this point I’m not 100% comfortable about putting photos of myself on the internet. Perhaps one day! 😛


        • Ahh, it’s complicated! I do have a personal Facebook account, but I’m very strict with my privacy settings and only friend people that I know personally. I kind of see Facebook as being public but still kind of private, but posting on a blog as being very public! Anyways, I might be comfortable with it later on, just not right now hahaha 😛

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    • I actually had to google what funfetti cake was just then! (So sad :P) But now I know what it is, I can safely say OH MY GOD IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! Whenever anything reminds me of dessert it’s a good thing, so it’s only fitting my hair now has funfetti-coloured streaks 😛 Thanks for the lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh hahaha, that’s ok that you had to look it up 🙂 truly amazing indeed! 🙂 oh you’re absolutely right. Whenever anything is remotely look or reminds you of dessert, that’s a good sign 🙂 yayy for funfetti streaks! 👍🏻

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  1. This is really cute and fun! These pastel colours just remind me of a mermaid, don’t ask me why but there’s something very fantasy-like about it. I’ve never been brave enough to permanently dye my hair with these kind of shades but I have been considering the temporary pastel chalks from Fudge!

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