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Post a Quote a Day Challenge Day #1

Hey everyone!

I was just browsing through my reader the other day when I noticed that the incredibly lovely Shannon from Forever Shannon nominated me for the Quote a Day Challenge! However, when I was searching the blogosphere trying to get an idea of what this entails I actually realised that I had been nominated ages ago by the awesome Janice from The Simple Beginner! (Sorry, Janice!) So I decided that now would be high time to respond to these two nominations. I take it I have to post a quote each day for three days, then nominate somebody new to do it each day. Simple!

Ok, here’s my quote for today.

Jai guru deva om/ nothing’s gonna change my world

This is a quote from my all-time favourite Beatles song (and probably all-time favourite song in general) ‘Across the Universe’. The song was written by John Lennon and contains some of the most beautiful imagery I’ve ever come across, both in poetry and in song lyrics. This is the song’s chorus, which incorporates Sanskrit as well as English. The Sanskrit basically translates to ‘glory to the shining remover of darkness’. However, the part of this quote that I like the best is the second half. ‘Nothing’s gonna change my world’ is such a beautiful reminder that, no matter how hard life gets, nothing can change you unless you let it. I actually used to write this quote on top of my tests when I was doing my year 12 exams! It’s just a really nice quote from a really beautiful song.

OK, now for today I nominate Fiona from Escape With Writing to give this a shot!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day

Lots of love

-Daisy 🙂

P.S. Of course I’m going to have to put the video at the end of the post!

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4 thoughts on “Post a Quote a Day Challenge Day #1

  1. I love the Beatles. Ok, this will reveal my age. when I was little, age 3, the album Yellow Submarine was my favorite. mom was kinda hippie, I’m surprised I have a normal name really, well mom let me use the record player on my own at that age, but I was good, did not scratch her records. her music was not totally current to my age, but yes. loved the beatles so much, forever, and they remind me of good times, little, listening to the albums over and over while staring at the album art. tho, sad, and now you know my age from this: I was little still, but older than 3, was in the car, with mom, we heard the news on the radio, about John Lennon dying, it was sad. I have the movies, some at least: Help and Yellow Submarine on DVD. I’m glad that people still talk about the Beatles actually. ok yes I was about 7 when he died. we were really, really sad. but had to go on and finish the grocery shopping you know. hmm guess now I got to go put the Beatles on my iPod now. at least a few songs, then listen to the rest. like Cat Stevens and Donovan (my other favorites as a kid). I have too much music tho. I collect it.

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  2. people always think I’m younger tho. in person and online. I think I never grew up (+/- to that). still, I hunt for newer music, want to know what is “popular” though I no longer like all of that, just like to find new stuff to listen to. in the 90’s I was hardcore into punk music that nobody knew and still don’t (most didn’t make it, though I guess Green Day did, lol, and AFI, was into them both back then)

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    • It’s so cool that you grew up with the Beatles. It seems to be a thing that the music our parents listen to will somehow filter down to us, and those albums will always be some of our most special. My mum loves The Beatles too, so appreciating the band is kind of a thing we do together. We’ve watched ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’ so many times I’ve lost count! But yeah, I’m exactly like you; I associate the Beatles with good times. Their music has always made me relax and feel happy. I can’t imagine how horrible it would have been for you hearing about John Lennon’s death. It was such a terrible, bizarre thing that happened. He really was taken away too soon, and thinking about the potential that he could have had makes me incredibly sad. However. I guess we have to focus on all of the amazing things that he achieved in his lifetime, and he really did do a lot! He was an amazing man, and I love the fact that his legacy has grown stronger over time. The fact that people are still naming The Beatles as the ‘best band of all time’ is really a testament to how universally good their music is. I think people will still be loving it in decades to come, and with good reason! As for the punk music, I never really listened to Green Day or AFI. Maybe I’ll have to now! 😛
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments!
      – Daisy 🙂

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      • oh yeah, we have the DVD of A Hard Day’s Night as well…I must have been sleepy last night so forgot. The Beatles’s music really is timeless. I do recall, the day we heard about John Lennon’s death, it was a shock and just sad. My mom and I just sat in the car for a while after it was announced on the radio. It is true, he contributed quite a bit, and its good he is remembered.

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