The Blog Tour Award

Hello everyone!

I am absolutely stoked to say that I have been nominated for another award! I am truly flattered that Janice from The Simple Beginner chose my blog as one of her four nominees. I really means a lot to be considered for these awards, so thank you once again for this honour! (Also, if you aren’t already please go and follow her; she’s super cool :P)

Ok, here are the rules:

  1. Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers.
  2. Give your nominees the rules and a specific Monday to post
  3. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.
    • How does my work differ from others in my genre?
    • How does my writing/creative process work?
    • Why do I write or create what I do?
    • What I’m working on at the moment?
  4. Compose a one-time post on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).

OK, since today’s my day, let’s get right into this!

  • How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Hmmm… well, firstly I need to think of a genre for my blog! I’ve never really been too sure about where I fit in on this whole ‘blogging spectrum’ (if that’s what you call it!). This is actually the first time I’ve ever had to think about it! I guess you could say that I’m a weird-geeky-lifestyle-feminist blogger who also really likes pugs, but is that even a legitimate category?

OK, I need to pick something.

Lifestyle. Let’s go with lifestyle.

I believe that my work differs from that of other lifestyle bloggers because I like to cover a wide range of topics. I love doing hauls and discussing my favourite beauty products, but sometimes I also like to go all think-y and talk about stuff that’s been bothering me lately like harassment and sexism. However, I guess the main thing that connects my blog posts is the sheer pride and awesomeness that I associate with being a girl! (Cue Shania Twain) Everything I write about, in some way, relates back to celebrating being a woman, whether the post is about Taylor Swift’s latest music video, my favourite female heroines or what I bought at Lush.

So yeah, I feel like I’ve gone way off topic but I think I might have answered the question! *levels up*

  • How does my writing/creative process work?

Usually I will write my next blog post the day before/two days before. I like to get everything out of the way in advance, however sometimes things don’t always go to plan. For instance, there are times where I’m writing on the day I post! (However, this doesn’t happen too often :P)

As far as my creative process, I mainly try to write about things I feel passionate about. Most of the time I try to keep my posts positive, however there are times where I feel like a more serious post is necessary. In the times I feel a little uninspired, I try to do something that will make me feel so excited that I’ll have to share it with the world! For example, getting really cool new clothes is always something I love talking about. However, most of the time I’m feeling pretty happy and inspired, so I don’t encounter this problem frequently!

  • Why do I write? 

I write because it makes me happy. In the brief time I’ve spent blogging I’ve found the whole experience to be incredibly rewarding! Through this platform I’ve been able to share what I love with the world and meet some awesome people! Plus, whenever I read comments from people saying that they can relate to what I’m saying it’s the best feeling ever!


  • What am I working on at the moment?

Currently I’m working on getting my blog posts for university all done and dusted! Some of you might know that I started this blog for a university assignment. I’d always wanted to start a blog, so this was a dream come true! However, because of this I ended up getting so caught up in the wonderful world of blogging that I’ve basically neglected the assessment’s requirements! Therefore, I have decided to dedicate my next two posts to the issues of feminism in modern society, just so I don’t fail spectacularly!

So, there it is! My Blog Tour Award. Now, for my nominees…..

I hereby nominate:

Dark Charm

Pip Squeak

Mirror the Love

Princess Without the Tutu

And a fifth, just because I’m feeling a little rebellious 😛

The Dancing Solomon

If you’d all like to post your answers on the 2nd of June, that would be awesome!

Anyways, that’s all from me!

Lots of Love

-Daisy 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Blog Tour Award

  1. cool! can definitely post by June 2. 🙂 Blogging is fun, I hope you continue to keep posting here even after your school course is over. I’ve enjoyed reading what you write. For some of the more “think-y” stuff, I do read it but often cannot think of what to say in a comment! I did find your recent posts regarding sexism and harassment thought provoking though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, dark charm! I’m so glad that you like my posts, and it’s totally cool that you can’t think of what to comment on my think-y posts! The fact that somebody was able to read and enjoy them is enough for me 🙂 Blogging really is so much fun, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I will continue after my course is over! I can’t wait to read your answers XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Simple Beginner says:

    Awesome read, Daisy 🙂 Even though you think you’re “weird-geeky-lifestyle-feminist blogger”, I think you’re a cool, awesome, lifestyle and sweet blogger 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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