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Silk #3 Review

“As I’m writing this I am actually still buzzing with excitement. I’ve just finished the third Silk, and I must say that it is by far the series’ most awesome issue yet! (To be fair, there are only three issues. But still!) There are just too many great moments, almost too many for this one review! However, I will do my best to contain my excitement and put all of my thoughts into this blog post. But yes, in one word this comic is AWESOME!”

That was a paragraph that I started writing around about this time last week after picking up the latest Silk. I was intending to do a review, but I got so caught up with uni and work and other stuff that I didn’t get around to it… until now! (Dun dun DAAAH!)

So yes, without further ado I present to you my first ever comic review. Just a heads-up: there will almost definitely be spoilers (no, not the Stephanie Brown kind :P) because I don’t really know how to discuss this without detailing all of the parts that I liked the most. Sorry!

Firstly, when I saw the cover for Silk #3 on the Marvel website I was majorly excited, and this was 100% due to the inclusion of Black Cat on the cover! It’s no secret how much I adore Black Cat, and it had been hinted at in Silk #1 that she was going to play a fairly decent role in the Silk series. Therefore, seeing her on the cover made me even more anxious to pick up a copy of Silk #3 as soon as it hit the shelves!

However, oddly enough, Black cat’s scene wasn’t my favourite part of this comic. For me, the best moment was when Silk was fighting Dragonclaw, but at the same time having flashbacks to when Ezekiel first brought up the idea of putting her into solitary confinement. This sequence is so well put together, I was actually in awe of how amazingly composed it was! The linking of the dialogue worked incredibly well, and the combined action really brought the sequence to life. It was a really fantastic way of allowing the reader to learn more about Cindy whilst still propelling the present story along.

As for the fight between Black Cat and Silk? It was awesome, as to be expected. Combining Cindy’s inner monologue with Black Cat’s dialogue made for a really cool and fast-paced reading experience. Plus, the artwork in this scene was particularly awesome. You really got a sense of how hectic a fight between these two super-fast ladies would be!

Another element of this comic that I really enjoyed was the way that Cindy treated Dragonclaw (real name Harris Porter) after defeating him. There’s some funny dialogue where Cindy talks to him and discovers that he’s working for Black Cat (my favourite part being ‘all right, Harris. I lost my temper. My bad. But you threw a van at me. So, it happens’), but after this she decides to give him the help he needs in order to get his life back on track again. I really like this a lot; it seems like a much more productive way of dealing with villains. Plus, this leads to an awesome scene at the end where Harris and his daughter are watching the fight between Silk and Dragonclaw on TV. Seeing Silk in action, his daughter asks him ‘who is that girl with the pretty hair? She’s cool! Is she a hero?’, to which he responds ‘yeah, honey. I think so’. When I read this part I was basically fist pumping! I think that this scene is so cool because it frames Silk as being a positive role model for young girls. I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not, by seeing Silk battle it out with a ‘bad guy’ on the TV, that little girl would be inspired to be strong just like her. I believe that young girls need more superhero role models, so this scene really struck a chord with me 🙂

So basically, this issue of Silk is a real winner. As always, the artwork is amazing (I am actually in love with Stacey Lee’s art style) and the plot is really moving forward to something very exciting. The inclusion of the Fantastic Four at the end of the comic more than confirms this! I can’t wait to see where Silk ends up next as she adjusts to being a superhero.

I give this comic 4.5/5

Ok, that’s all from me!

Lots of love

-Daisy 🙂

P.S. Today’s Pugs are these lovely fellows:


4 thoughts on “Silk #3 Review

    • I’m glad you liked my review! Silk is a really good quality series, plus it only started recently so there isn’t really that much catching up to do 🙂 I think you’d enjoy it too XD and in regards to the dogs, thank you! I knew I had to include some comic-themed canines for my first comic review 😛 I hope you’re having an awesome day!

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  1. bennyamd says:

    Hey er, Daisy So wonderful to see you getting massively into the world of super powers and super heroes.
    Gah I cannot and doubt I ever will get enough of seeing an awesome superhero fight for Justice and bring hope into the eyes of those who need it.

    Anyways Great review of this series Almost tempted me to read it but alas I have no money so I would have to pirate it or borrow it and until I see you the latter is hardly an option which leaves me with pirating and I feel as though that is probably not the best option 😦
    Keep up the wonderful blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha awww thank you, Ben! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it, too 😛 when I see you next, I’ll definitely let you borrow my comics, I’m sure that you’ll love them! XD thanks for your support! 🙂


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