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Lovely Leggings

Hey there everyone! How are you going?

I think that you guys should probably know something about me: at the moment I have a massive problem, and that problem is the unstoppable urge to buy leggings.

I’m serious!

Lately I’ve been going through a borderline-obsessive leggings phase, and my bank account has suffered dearly for it! I have no idea why leggings have so much appeal to me right now. Maybe it’s the fact that they help me channel my inner super hero. Maybe it’s the fact that they are the most comfortable form of legwear on the planet. Maybe it’s because they’re usually adorned with amazing designs and colours. I’m really not sure why, but I do know that they make me incredibly happy when they come through in the mail!

So without further ado, here’s my current collection of leggings:

Blackmilk Wet Look Black Leggings

These are the leggings that started it all, and when I saw them I just knew that they would be perfect! The black allows them to go with almost anything, and the slight sheen adds a really awesome effect! I wear these whenever I want to feel confident and in charge like some of my favourite badass comic book ladies (most notably Black Cat, but I don’t think that’s a surprise! :P). It’s almost magical how confident these leggings make me feel! (Leggings have power, I tell you!)

You can get your own super-powered confidence leggings here!

Blackmilk Beetlejuice Leggings

THESE ARE SO CUTE! I’m such a massive fan of stripes, so when I saw these leggings I instantly fell in love. I knew that I needed them in my closet immediately! So I clicked the magical ‘add to cart’ button, and three days later I was the proud owner of my very own stripy leggings! I’ve had heaps of compliments on these ones; once I was out shopping with my mum and the lady behind the counter told me that she loved my leggings! She said that I will be able to wear them with almost anything for years to come, and I definitely agree. Even my mum (who isn’t the most avid supporter of the whole ‘leggings as pants’ trend) really likes these ones! If it gets the mum seal of approval, you know it must be good! 😛

You can find your own mum-approved leggings here!

Living Dead Traditional Mermaid Leggings

You have no idea how amazing these leggings are. Like, seriously; they make me so amazingly happy every time I wear them! I mean, what girl hasn’t wanted to be a mermaid at some point in her life?! Plus, they are sparkly (I’m like a magpie; sparkly things are something of a weakness to me!). The best thing about these, though, is that they allow you to have all of the benefits of being a beautiful mermaid princess without having to trade your legs for a giant tail (that would be majorly impractical!).

You can buy your own lovely mermaid leggings here! (Be quick though; they’re limited!)

So there you have it, all of my best leggings! Do you like leggings? What are your favourites? Do tell me in the comments!

I hope you guys are having an amazing day!

Lots of love

-Daisy 🙂

P.S. I wasn’t sponsored to make this post. I just really like leggings and wanted to share them with you guys!

P.P.S HOLY COW, THERE ARE 51 OF YOU GUYS! Thank you all so, so much!! It means a tonne to me that you guys are supporting this little blog of mine :3 I have to hurry out the door to uni right now, but I promise you guys that I have a celebration post all lined up J Thank you all once again!


6 thoughts on “Lovely Leggings

  1. Hazel Vice says:

    Yay, a fellow leggings lover! I’m a Black Milk collector 🙂 And I’m almost at my 200th piece … it has been many years though. I’m trying to think what I should get for my 200 piece present and it’s so hard!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH MY GOSH! Wow, that is truly amazing! How do you find the time to wear them all?! Hahaha That’s the thing with Black Milk, their leggings are so awesome that once you buy one pair you just can’t stop 😛 I wish you luck finding your 200th piece!


      • Hazel Vice says:

        I just bought something from them today! The Zodiac skater dress. I’m in love ❤
        I will admit, I have sold a few things over time so I don't own 200 at the moment, but I certainly have over 100. I wear them every day 🙂


        • No way, I bought something from them today too! I got the peeking peonies leggings, because they are just way too awesome for words. That zodiac skater dress is super nice! Everything in the new collection is just so good 🙂 Gosh, over 100 is still a lot! If I had that many, I’d probably wear them every day too! 😛

          Liked by 1 person

    • Whoa, I am actually in awe of how cool those leggings are! Who doesn’t want to do yoga whilst referencing one of the best science fiction films of all time?! 😛 I’m so glad that you liked my post. Black Milk leggings might be a tad expensive, but they are amazing quality 🙂
      P.S. I am probably going to be browsing Jeffie for my next pair of leggings! Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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