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Pretty – Poem

Hello all!

Yes, I am finally maintaining my routine. Who would’ve thought? 😛 It feels good knowing that this blog is now finally in order!

Ok, so I thought that I’d do a bit of a different post for you guys today. Something that you may not know about me is that I’m very interested in writing, specifically writing poetry. It’s been a really great creative outlet for me. So I thought that maybe, as a way of shaking things up a bit, I could share one of my poems with you.

I won’t lie; this is really scary!

The only people who have read my poems before have been my teachers, friends or family. I’ve been way too nervous to submit anything into a literary journal, but I think that putting one of my pieces on my blog is a good idea for me. I need to get my stuff out into the world, gosh darn it!

So I’m going to present this poem to you.

But before I do, a few words. I wrote this poem as a way of displaying not only my own struggles with body image, but the experiences of others too. I have personally never had an eating disorder, however I wanted to use it as an example in this poem as a way of illustrating the differing effects that body pressure can have on young girls. I wanted to create a well-rounded image, so while not everything written about in the poem applies to me, I know for a fact that it applies to someone else. Also, if it seems like I’m pushing one kind of body type or look as being better than any others (I don’t think I have, I hope!) I apologise. This poem is only intended to send a positive message. I really hope that you like it 🙂


Nothing tastes as

Good as skinny feels.

Teenage girls

Skipping meals.


The deals they made

To be thin.

A grumbling stomach.

Sharp bones, tight



Fit in

Give in

If you’re going

To be seen.


I never felt bad

Until I picked up a





Online. HD.


Doubting myself

Because all I would see


Is that pretty’s defined

By jaws on the floor,

The number of boys

Knocking down your door.


That beauty is measured

In top 100 lists

Of undressed women

Ranked by sexiness.


That to be a woman

Is to be an object of desire

To walk into a room

And be the one that all admire


Not for the ideas

In your head or the things you say

But the length of your legs

And how your hips sway.


If you didn’t fit the mould

Presented to you

Then you’d failed as a woman

And there’s nothing more to do


Than to buy that mascara

And start your meal plan

And maybe that way

You’ll get a man.


I remember all I wanted

Was to be thin

Until I was informed

That curves were back in.


And my eyebrows

Were the worst part

Of my face

Until Miss Delevingne

Stormed down the runway.


Waiting to be pretty

Even though I knew

That trends only last

For a month or two


And soon girls will be slim

Drawing eyebrows with pen

And I won’t fit in

And be ugly again.


Waiting to be pretty

Is no way to exist

When there’s more to me

Than my legs and my hips.


Yes, it took me so long

But I finally see

The only person I have

To impress

Is me.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

I hope you have an amazing day!

Lots of love


Image credit here

Creative Commons Licence
Pretty by Daisy Pug is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://ladybugsandpugs.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/pretty-poem/.


12 thoughts on “Pretty – Poem

  1. bennyamd says:

    This poem is INCREDIBLE wow, I cannot believe one of my friends wrote something so powerful and poetically perfect.
    KEEP WRITING MORE please :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Thank you so much!!! It makes me so happy that you liked it, Ben! You are such an awesome friend 🙂 And I’ll do my best to keep up my writing! Thank you for your support! XD


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