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Fight Like A Girl

I am incredibly new to the world of comics. So new, as a matter of fact, that I’m only reading comics from one series, and that series is The Amazing Spider-Man. I just love having a story told to me visually. Seeing the artwork and reading the dialogue makes everything feel so much more engaging to me, plus the story lines are almost always crazily awesome. I’ve always loved graphic novels, so it would make sense that I would love comics. However, comics always seemed so elusive to me. Every time I’d walk past a comic book shop, my brain would always be flooded with questions upon questions. Where would I start? Would the dudes behind the counter think I was weird? How would I know what to read? Well, I’m very glad that I finally toughened up and decided to take the plunge! However, In case you’re a newbie like me I decided that I would include links at the end of each paragraph so you can get started with any characters you particularly like! (That way, when you finally do set foot into a comic book store, you’ll know exactly what you want)

So anyways, on with the blog post!

I thought that today I’d write about some of my favourite women affiliated with the Spider-Man series. Having awesome, strong female characters is definitely a must to get me interested in a series, and these ladies definitely deliver. They fight their own battles, never let anyone put them down and always stand up for what they believe in. They are all, simply put, completely awesome!

Also, just to be clear, I am in no way an authority on this! Heck, it was only very recently that I was made aware that this monstrosity happened (note: please don’t click on this unless you never want to see Spider-Man in the same way again! You’ve been warned). I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about these women, so if I get something wrong please don’t get mad. After all, I’m still learning! I just want to show my appreciation for some of my favourite comic book characters 🙂

(PS, I’m going to try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. Let’s see how that goes :P)

Gwen Stacy, aka Spider Woman

Yeah, that’s right… I’m “just” a girl.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. ‘What? Gwen Stacy? Emma Stone Gwen Stacy? Spidey’s first love Gwen Stacy?! She’s not a superhero!’ And I would say that you are definitely right: she’s not. But this isn’t Gwen Stacy as you know her. In an alternate universe (Earth-65, to be exact :P) it was actually Gwen Stacy who was bitten by that pesky radioactive spider, transforming her into the ‘dangerous’ vigilante known as Spider Woman. Initially, Spider Gwen was supposed to star in a one-off special (as a part of ‘Edge of the Spider Verse’), however fans loved her so much that she ended up getting a series all to herself! This series is called Spider Gwen, and I love it. In it, Gwen wears the most awesome Spider suit ever (IT HAS A HOOD!) and does her best to keep New York city out of trouble, all while being hunted down by an incredibly dangerous crime boss and trying to keep her identity a secret (which is very hard when her father is a Captain of the NYPD!). Plus, she sometimes doubles as the drummer for an all-girl band called The Mary Janes, who actually have an awesome, listenable song thanks to real life band Married With Sea Monsters. Gwen is witty, sarcastic, and has a great taste in headbands. She’s the Spider Woman that we all deserve 😛

You can buy a digital copy of Gwen’s appearance in Edge of the Spider-Verse here and download all of the issues from her ongoing series here.

Cindy Moon, aka Silk

I’ll take over. Fresh start for everybody. And I’ll have no problem cleaning up your messes

Now, I think almost everyone knows the Spider-Man origin story by now: a teenage Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit, giving him extraordinary superhuman powers and changing his life forever. However, did you know that somebody else was bitten by the very same spider on that fateful day? This certain somebody is Cindy Moon, a girl with an amazing memory and athletic ability. She too was given the same spider powers as Peter, however whilst Peter was out fighting crime and webbing up the bad guys, Cindy was being kept in a bunker so as not to start a Spider-apocalypse (It’s very complicated). And how long was she in this bunker, you might ask? Only TEN YEARS! Ten years without any human contact whatsoever, and she could leave at any time, but she chose not to for the greater good of the Spider-Verse. Now, without spoiling much, Silk was broken out of her bunker by a rather foolish Peter Parker, ended up saving him from getting unmasked, made out with him multiple times and protected him from an electric explosion created by an infamous cat burglar (more on her later :P). Plus, she ended up teaming up with Spider Gwen to fight in the Spider Apocalypse. Now she has her own series where she’s trying to track down her family, all while fighting off weird tentacle-robot-villains and trying to make topical Pokémon references (yes, Cindy, Pokémon is still a thing!). Basically, Cindy is awesome; and her comic more than proves it.

Silk first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, which you can download as a part of a collected book of issues #1-6 here. She also appears in Spider-Verse (issues #9-15), which you can start reading here, and has her own series, which you can read here.

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat

The more I listen to the part of me that says not to let anyone or anything ever put me down again, the more my luck powers go off the charts

I’ll admit it, after I read that line from The Amazing Spider-Man #16 I immediately wrote it down and placed it on my mirror to read every day. Felicia Hardy is one cool chick, and I love everything about her; I love how she embraces her own beauty, never settles for 2nd best and always stands up for herself. She is my hero, even if she is technically a villain :P. Starting out as a thief, Felicia had a flirtatious relationship with Spider-Man that lasted for many years and produced some truly hilarious moments. However, after being attacked by Spider-Man while his mind was being controlled by Dr Octopus (again, this is very complicated!) she was arrested and put into a high security criminal prison. Thankfully, she was able to escape after Electro destroyed the prison, but once she was out she decided that she would never allow Spider-Man to get away with how he treated her. So, in order to have her revenge and reclaim her priceless collection of stolen treasures, Felicia became a powerful crime boss. Plus, she has the power to give her enemies bad luck, which is incredibly fitting. No matter which way you look at it, it’s definitely clear that Felicia is 100% a badass.

Black Cat features heavily in the Amazing Spider-Man issues #1-6, which you can read here. She appears again in The Amazing Spider-Man #16 and #17.

So that’s all from me! Got any comic suggestions? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time!


PS I know I said I was going to be posting every Tuesday and Friday, but to be honest I was so excited to post this that I couldn’t wait! Let’s count this as Friday’s post, but early 😛


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