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Positivity: YouTube Style

I don’t think that I’m alone when I say that YouTube is kind of an obsession for me. Every morning I check my YouTube subscription box to see what videos are waiting for me, and every night I watch videos until I feel sleepy. I can’t help it! YouTube is just a never-ending pool of awesomeness; you can watch videos about almost anything that takes your fancy! With just a few simple clicks you can learn about everything from cooking to makeup; but for me personally, I like the kinds of videos that can lift your mood in an instant. Whether they’re talking about books or brigadeiro, these ladies never fail to make me happy, and for that reason they are some of my favourite YouTubers of all time. I hope that you enjoy their videos just as much as I do!

Carrie Hope Fletcher – Itswaypastmybedtime

Every time I watch one of Carrie’s videos it feels like I’m having a cup of tea with an old friend, which absolutely lovely! Her videos are funny, thoughtful and always deliver a good message. I’ve been a fan of hers for many years now (a ‘Hopeful’, so to speak), and it feels like over time Carrie’s videos have only gotten better. Her videos on positivity and confidence are things that I think every teenage girl should watch, and her covers are always beautiful. Plus, she has the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen. Like, seriously, if there is any way that I can get hair like hers, I would love to know how! Maybe I should’ve eaten my crusts as a kid after all…

Rebecca – Beckie0

I’ve only recently started watching Beckie’s channel, and I must say that I’m very glad that I did! Her videos always put a smile on my face. Not only does she share my love of Lush (I still can’t believe that it’s possible for soap to smell so good!), but she also does some amazing cooking videos that I can definitely relate to (seriously, who hasn’t struggled with opening packed cake mix?)! However, despite all of her fun videos, Beckie is still able to make videos about more serious topics such as the recent sexual abuse scandal on YouTube and her personal experiences with trichotillomania (she has a YouTube channel dedicated to this topic called TrichJournal). Also, she kind of reminds me a lot of Sandy from As Time Goes By, which is definitely a compliment!

Bunny Meyer – Grav3yardgirl

Let’s get right to the point: Bunny is crazy, but in the best way possible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone put so much energy into their YouTube videos. Although Bunny’s videos are classified most commonly as ‘beauty’ or ‘lifestyle’, the things that she decides to review for her subscribers can be incredibly diverse and unpredictable. For example, on her channel you can expect her to test out everything from hair rollers to ice cream makers to crazy lazer hair removers! But best of all, Bunny always reminds her subscribers that it’s OK be yourself and to embrace the things about you that might seem weird. Because, as the great man Joss Whedon once said, it’s most often the things that make you weird that also make you awesome.

Ok, that’s all from me! Do you have any good YouTube recommendations? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you’re having an awesome day

See you next time!

-Daisy 🙂


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